A Spatial Science Consortium


Combining the life sciences with design thinking to optimize the human experience in built environments


We spend 90% of our lives indoors and Atmos aims to utilize new data gathering abilities in the built environment to better our physical lives


Leveraging emerging spatial technologies, we will apply neuroscience and entrepreneurship on the built environment resulting in a new wave of technology – Spatial Intelligence


Atmos is a Spatial Science Consortium (SSC) founded to understand, advance and apply research and development on the built environment and its businesses, customers and occupants.

Big Data Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT) and other disruptive technologies have provided unprecedented opportunities to collect data and understand how to improve user experience. While many virtual-based organizations benefit from data analytics easily gathered from websites and applications, those in the physical space – architects, designers, builders and retailers – typically rely on intuition and experience.

Atmos fills this gap by combining emerging spatial technologies with entrepreneurship, design thinking and the life sciences to gain a holistic, data-driven picture of our physical environment resulting in a new wave of tech – Spatial Intelligence (SI).

“I am personally very excited to apply what we have learned from Scanalytics in the smart-building space to a network of individuals and companies where intentional interactions will lead to real use cases in the built environment.”

Joe Scanlin
Co-Founder & CEO | Scanalytics Inc.

Why atmos


We will foster new and immersive ways to identify and solve complex problems through our ability to leverage collective intelligence not offered elsewhere

innovative leaders

For leaders of all company sizes who understand the need to innovate in order to stay competitive in a rapidly changing world

all under one roof

All innovation happens within the Salt Flats Innovation House, layered with bleeding-edge spatial technology available to all users

curated ecosystem

Our members and affiliates will have access to a curated ecosystem, consciously exploring a wide range of topics, issues and projects

Membership options


Individuals and companies who want to participate in the work of ATMOS


Companies who want to fund the research of a specific project or topic of interest


Individuals or companies who want to learn from the research and development

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